Radishes Simmered with Thyme Recipe


1 cup water
1 tablespoon white wine
1 clove garlic, minced
1 tablespoon minced red onion
1/8 teaspoon dried thyme leaves
salt and pepper to taste
20 radishes, trimmed
1 pinch white sugar


Pour the water into a small saucepan along with the wine, garlic, onion, and thyme. Bring to a boil over high heat, then season to taste with salt and pepper. Add the radishes, cover, reduce heat to medium-low, and simmer until the radishes are just tender, 6 to 8 minutes.

Remove the radishes to a serving dish with a slotted spoon and keep warm. Bring the liquid to a boil over high heat, and add a pinch of sugar. Boil until the liquid has reduced by half, then pour over the hot radishes.